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DroidStats Premium (Key)

2.99 usd

Thanks for buying us a beer ;-)This app is a key which unlocks additional feature for DroidStats. The number features will increase in future. At the moment this features are added:- Configure all your widgets (Which statistic to show?)- Configure transparency of your widgets- unlocks the 4x1 widget- unock the alternative 1x1 one-slot widget- unlock the StatusbarWidget which integrates in the Notification Area- Data-per-App feature (Android 2.2+ phones)- see a chronological log of all sms and call events with additional infos- backup restore your configuration, calls- and sms-info- export your calls and sms event infos to CSV- Extended top statistics with pie charts
We do not cut any feature of the free app. All this features are addons. Please test the free app before if all works as expected.
The app is not listed in the launcher menu. Sometimes a restart is required after installations to enable pro features.
If you buy this app with the PayPal link you will get a manually send email. This can take up to 48 hours in some cases.
Info: Because DroidStats user count became too big (over 5000 downloads/per day of free app) and time too less we can only provide a limited support for now. PayPal payments can only be answered manually